ZQM-8903 From Java to Kotlin: the adventures of a smooth migration | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   From Java to Kotlin: the adventures of a smooth migration


Programming languages
Programming languages
Intermediate level
Room 8 Thursday from 15:00 til 15:50

Most of the Java applications are written in Java 8 nowadays and people are looking around to upgrade to Java 11 or even migrating to Kotlin. Both are promoted as the new way to go and both have their own strengths. Upgrading to Java 11 might be an obvious next safe step to do and probably the most used frameworks will be Java 11 compliant soon. But what if you could migrate to Kotlin with the same effort? This would bring you additional advantages like: data class, very concise list manipulations, extension functions and even more to get you’re code more readable and maintainable. Considering the Kotlin migration, the first questions that pop up are: What are the wise steps to take and where to start? Some experiences and thoughts answering these questions will be shared during this live coding session.

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Paulien van Alst
Paulien van Alst
From OpenValue

Paulien is a passionated software engineer in love with readable, reliable and testable code, independent on the language or technology used. The last three years she worked at the Rabobank and bol.com. In december, she joined OpenValue where she works on helping companies setting up better software. In her free time, she like to sport, cycling and swimming in particular. She used to play rugby and nowadays she is coaching rugby.

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