YXD-0794 Write awesome tests | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Write awesome tests


Mobile & IoT
Mobile & IoT
Intermediate level
Room 9 Thursday from 17:40 til 18:30

While there are plenty of resources about writing awesome code, the same doesn't quite exist for tests. So how do you write great unit tests? And how do you ensure failures are easy to fix? What are the best practices? And most importantly what are the pitfalls to look out for?

If you're already comfortable writing tests, come level up your testing skills with deep insights into the "Why" and "How" of fundamental testing principles. You will learn:

  • What three criteria make tests awesome
  • What to test and what not to test
  • Why you should optimise tests for failure
  • How many tests you should write per method
  • How to test literally everything
  • What is code coverage and why it can be deceiving
  • How to use AssertJ to make test super readable
  • What TDD is and what its benefit is
Unit Testing   JUnit   assertions   TDD  
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Jeroen Mols
Jeroen Mols
From Philips Hue

Jeroen has a real passion to build things, which continuously challenges him to experiment and learn. In the process, he refocussed his master in Electrical engineering to become an Android developer. Starting off with highly technical prototypes for Wi-Fi connected products, he has built his own file-sharing platform (Wi-FileTransfer). Currently, he is an Android GDE and the lead Android developer at Philips Hue.

One of a kind, never-been-done-before apps are what he enjoys most. So far Jeroen helped realize four huge connected products, various high profile apps, actively contributes to open source and loves interacting with the Android community. He is a passionate blogger and enjoys speaking at conferences.

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