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Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Code style: what kind of coder are you


Java Language
Java Language
Beginner & novice level
BOF 2 Monday from 20:00 til 21:00

Your style of code is on of the things that makes you unique on the other hand, wars are started over something simple as the layout of code. What kind of coder are you? Are you on the spaces or on the tabs side. Perhaps you don't care about styles as long as it works, or do you refuse to read incorrectly styled code. Do we need style guidelines or don't we, lets decide together and see what kind of flavour Devoxx Belgium has...

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Brian Vermeer
Brian Vermeer
From Blue4IT

Software Engineer for Blue4IT working consultancy based on mainly Java projects for the Top-100 companies in the Netherlands. Passionate about Java, (Pure) Functional Programming and Cybersecurity. Co-writer on the published Research paper: Plagiarism Detection for Haskell with Holmes. Besides being an engineer he is a Reservist at the Royal Netherlands Air Force and a Taekwondo Master.

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