QVG-0019 Local Variable Type Inference: Threat or Menace | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Local Variable Type Inference: Threat or Menace


Java Language
Java Language
Intermediate level
BOF 1 Thursday from 19:00 til 20:00

Local variable type inference was introduced as a new Java language feature in Java SE 10. Gone are the days of explicitly having to define the type of a variable; let the compiler do it for you with the magic of var.

At first sight, this looks like a small change that will eliminate unnecessary boiler-plate code and reduce how much typing (on the keyboard) is required to maintain strong typing (of the language). However, as with many features, there are some unexpected nuances as well as both good and bad use cases.

In this BoF, Stuart and Simon will take a series of examples of the use of var and discuss their technical merits. We’ll involve the audience to provide different perspectives on why developers would or would not use var in these ways.

Time will be made available for attendees to provide examples they may have encountered, enabling discussion of their merits.

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Simon Ritter
Simon Ritter
From Azul Systems

Simon Ritter is the Deputy CTO of Azul Systems.

Simon joined Sun Microsystems in 1996 and started working with Java technology from JDK 1.0; he has spent time working in both Java development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, he managed the Java Evangelism team for the core Java platform, Java for client applications and embedded Java. Now at Azul, he continues to help people understand Java as well as Azul’s JVM technologies and products. Simon has twice been awarded Java Rockstar status at JavaOne and is a Java Champion. He currently represents Azul on the JCP Executive Committee and on the Java SE Expert Group (JSR 379, 383 and 384).

Stuart Marks
Stuart Marks
From Oracle

Stuart Marks is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. He is currently working on a variety of JDK core libraries projects, including Collections, Lambda, and Streams, as well as improving test quality and performance. As his alter ego "Dr Deprecator" he also works on the Java SE deprecation mechanism. He has previously worked on JavaFX and Java ME at Sun Microsystems. He has over twenty years of software platform product development experience in the areas of window systems, interactive graphics, and mobile and embedded systems. Stuart holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

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