MTM-6628 Refactoring to a System of Systems | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Refactoring to a System of Systems

Deep Dive

Architecture & Security
Architecture & Security
Expert & Senior level
Room 8 Tuesday from 13:30 til 16:30

Teams that have built monoliths for years are used to certain patterns of interaction between different parts of the code base. Simply replicating those patterns when splitting up a system into a distributed one usually introduces a lot of complexity and drawbacks that often totally subvert the desired effects of a split up of the system in the first place.

The talk takes a look at a concrete sample of monolithic module interactions and identifies the problems that arise if that approach is transferred as-is into a distributed system. We then discuss an alternative variant of the monolithic implementation and how that approach improves the system's modularity for the monolith and how it minimizes the cost and problems when splitting up the monolith or even starting with a system of systems in the first place.

microservices architecture   monoliths   Modularity   Distributed Systems  
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Oliver Gierke
Oliver Gierke
From Pivotal Software, Inc.

Oliver Gierke is the lead of the Spring Data project at Pivotal, Java Champion and member of the JPA 2.1 expert group. He has been into developing enterprise applications and open source projects for over 12 years now. His working focus is centered around software architecture, DDD, REST, and persistence technologies. He is regularly speaking at German and international conferences and the author of technology articles as well as the first book on Spring Data.

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