LHF-2794 Grouping the Devoxx/Voxxed speaker via Machine Learning, a students tale | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Grouping the Devoxx/Voxxed speaker via Machine Learning, a students tale


Big Data & Machine Learning
Big Data & Machine Learning
Beginner & novice level
BOF 2 Tuesday from 20:00 til 21:00

Building Face detection & recognition in every day applications are becoming more and more accessible to any developer. In this session we will discuss how Google Vision API, existing face recognition models and Tensorflow-Keras can be used together to group the pictures of the speakers in the Devoxx Flickr albums.

As a last year student in Applied Informatics, Lien will focus on the usability and application of existing frameworks to build a production-ready solution in the Cloud. Alex will explain the role of a mentor in order to complete a project successfully.

Jan Kees will discuss how he used the API to visualize this on the website.

TensorFlow   Google Cloud Vision   Image Processing  
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Lien Wuyts
Lien Wuyts
From Brightest NV

Final year student Ba of Applied Informatics at Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB) - QE Consultant Brightest NV

Jan-Kees van Andel
Jan-Kees van Andel
From JPoint

Software Architect @ JPoint in The Netherlands. I love all aspects of Java/Scala and web development: Architecture, quality, methodology, infrastructure, security.

Besides my day job, I like to experiment with new technology, and contribute to the Open Source community. I'm a committer and PMC at Apache MyFaces and commit regularly on various projects. Besides coding, I'm part of the Devoxx team and I like to talk about tech stuff...

Alex Van Boxel
Alex Van Boxel
From Vente-Exclusive.com

Alex Van Boxel is a Big Data and Cloud Architect and Vente-Exclusive.com. He loves working on operational requirement and kicking new initiatives out of the ground. Alex has a engineering and testing background in Research and Development at Alcatel-Lucent and Progress Software.

He loves talking about technology and sharing his knowledge through mentoring, writing articles and public speaking. He is also co-organizing GDG Cloud Belgium.

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