JCX-3863 Hands-on Android Architecture & Architecture Components | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Hands-on Android Architecture & Architecture Components

Hands-on Lab

Mobile & IoT
Mobile & IoT
Beginner & novice level
BOF 2 Monday from 13:30 til 16:30

Android developers, we propose you to come experiment the MVP & MVVM Android architectures! From a simple Android app, we will work on why and how to implement architectures principles. We will see how to go from MVP to MVVM with Android Architecture Components.

At the agenda: Kotlin, RxJava, Unit Tests and Android Architecture Components & Koin.

Warm up your AndroidStudio!!!

Requirements: AndroidStudio 3.1+ & Kotlin plugin Some background knowledge on Kotlin and RxJava can be helpful

Android   Kotlin   Android Architecture  
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Laurent Baresse
Laurent Baresse
From ekito

Geek, Senior Java architect, Android Dev, Kotlin enthusiast, work @ekito

Arnaud Giuliani
Arnaud Giuliani
From ekito

Software developer for more than 11 years. I work at ekito (French tech studio) since 2012. I have one hand in Android development and the other in Kotlin/Java backend stuff. My current hot topics are Kotlin and the reactive programming.

I'm a speaker since 2016. I talk mostly about Kotlin: https://medium.com/@giuliani.arnaud/presentations-6b91f53899ac

I've launched the Koin project, a lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin - https://insert-koin.io

I regularly write articles on medium https://medium.com/@giuliani.arnaud/ or on ekito's blog https://www.ekito.fr/people/arnaud-giuliani/

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