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Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Go - one language you should try


Programming languages
Programming languages
Beginner & novice level
Room 9 Wednesday from 12:00 til 12:50

Or why you should only write an eighth of the code. You live and breathe http. Most of the things you do with a computer involve it. How many tiny little http-related utils have you already created? Is it time to stop? By no means, we all do it. I'd just like to encourage you to write the next one in Go. It's a fun little language, which feels like a cross-breed between C (pointers!) and ruby (concise, powerful syntax). But how much? Why, yet another language, but my perl/python/.. does all the things? Well, it does. But go has a few things that make it super sweet, is web-scale and real fun to use! Or at least come and listen how did we get rid of 87% of our codebase in a day :-)

Languages   backend   concurrency   serverless   MicroServices  
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Andrzej Grzesik
Andrzej Grzesik
From Simudyne

ags likes distributed systems in all shapes and form. Coding since the age of 8, loves simplicity and continuous delivery. While he has written in many languages, he favours the JVM. Since "most software problems are people problems”, he stirs communities, organizes and speaks at conferences (proud to be a JavaONE Rockstar!). He is passionate about all things data, because science! In his spare time… cycling, photography and books. And he is a Java Champion!

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