FWX-0478 The battle of 2 automated conference talk scheduling algorithms for Devoxx | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   The battle of 2 automated conference talk scheduling algorithms for Devoxx


Big Data & Machine Learning
Big Data & Machine Learning
Beginner & novice level
Room 10 Thursday from 15:00 til 15:50

Each conference talk has a timeslot and room. These aren’t assigned randomly. Ideally, a rock star speaker gets a big room. And if a speaker is still flying in on the first day, his/her talk must be on a later day. An introductory session should be before the advanced session on the same topic. These are all constraints. And there are many more of them. Some are soft (we can break them), but others - for example a speaker cannot have 2 talks at the same time - are hard, because no person can be in 2 places at the same time under the laws of this universe.

As you can image, scheduling those talks optimally is hard. So let’s automate it. Two separate projects use advanced A.I. algorithms to tackle this problem for Devoxx Belgium.

In one corner we have OptaPlanner, the general purpose open source constraint solver in Java, lead by Geoffrey. In the other corner we have NoConf, a dedicated algorithm in Scala, lead by Piotr and Viktor. Which one delivered the best result according to Stephan Janssen?

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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Geoffrey De Smet
Geoffrey De Smet
From Red Hat

Geoffrey De Smet is the founder and lead of OptaPlanner (www.optaplanner.org), the open source A.I. constraint solver in Java that is used across the globe to automatically solve employee rostering, vehicle routing, task assignment, maintenance scheduling and other planning problems.

Piotr Krzemiński
Piotr Krzemiński

Piotr is a software engineer with strong computer science background. In a daily job he prefers to use strongly typed functional languages. With over 15 years of total software development experience, having his hands dirty in many different technologies, he started coding Scala professionally in 2014. Interested in theory of programming languages, optimization algorithms, software architectures and development processes in wider context. Contributor to various open source projects, leading few of them, e.g. Chimney - Scala library for boilerplate-free data transformations. In his free time he plays acoustic guitar and tries to be not the worst tennis player on the court.

Viktor Tymoshenko
Viktor Tymoshenko
From NoConf

Viktor's jorney with commercial software development has started in 2010. Since then, he has tried different roles: C++ developer, scrum master, product owner, founder. Combination of solid management experience and passion to FP has given birth to https://www.noconf.io, where Viktor codes in Elm in his free time.

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