EHE-0587 Functional Programming in Java - When, Why and How? | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Functional Programming in Java - When, Why and How?


Methodology & Culture
Methodology & Culture
Intermediate level
Room 8 Monday from 18:15 til 18:45

Is functional programming useful or just a hype? Why should I even care? What good is it to me? Used correctly, functional programming concepts make code easier to read, understand and change. Used incorrectly, they will make a mess of your code. Let’s use them correctly, shall we?

For a while now, functional programming has been a hot topic in the Java community - though for many people it means stuff like “use Streams” and “write X as a lambda”. Functional programming is however so much more. In this session I’ll discuss some of the main concepts from functional programming that are relevant for Java developers. I’ll talk about when you want to use it - and when you probably don’t. Then I’ll show you ways to create useful functional code using a both core Java and a few helpful libraries.

Functional Java   functional programming   immutability   Java Streams API  
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Alasdair Collinson
Alasdair Collinson
From Senacor Technologies AG

A professional software developer by day, a nerd... Well, all the time, really. I love programming, I also love talking and thinking about programming. I'm fascinated by the culture surrounding programming and I immerse myself in that culture. And I like sharing what I have learned. I've spoken at conferences several times before about a range of different topics - some of them very technical, some of them less so. Mixing it up, that keeps it interesting for both me and my audience. Any you can be sure that everything I talk about is something that I'm really passionate about.

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