ECS-4884 Rethinking Software Systems: A friendly introduction to Behavioral Programming | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Rethinking Software Systems: A friendly introduction to Behavioral Programming


Programming languages
Programming languages
Beginner & novice level
Room 9 Thursday from 13:50 til 14:40

Behavioral Programming (BP) is a novel programming paradigm. Under BP, complex systems are composed of many simple threads of behavior, called b-threads. B-threads communicate with each other using a synchronized, event-based protocol. BP has many traits interesting for software engineers: it is highly modular, concurrent, and (after a while) intuitive. Unlike objects or functions, b-threads align well with business requirements. But most importantly, systems written in BP are verifiable. That is - it is possible to formally prove they contain no bugs.

The ability to formally verify critical parts of a system, rather than merely testing them, can transform the way we create software. Even a programs written in "scripting" languages, such as Javascript, can be proven reliable and be used in mission critical systems. In fact, we are currently building a satellite controller prototype using this paradigm. In Javascript.

This talk will introduce the principles of BP, and BPjs - an open-source toolset for running and verifying behavioral programs written in Javascript. Participants will learn about one possible future of Software Engineering, and how they can start using it today.

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Michael Bar-Sinai
Michael Bar-Sinai
From BGU/Harvard IQSS/Freelance

Father of 3. Trained as a Software Engineer (Technion, Israel), completed Master's degree in CS, currently working on my PhD (CS too). Both advanced degrees are centered around the Behavioral Programming paradigm. Worked as a software engineer in companies big and small, and in some startups. Maintains a software consultancy focused on systems with positive social impact. A fellow at Harvard Institute of Quantitative Social Science, working on data science tools, privacy, and security.

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