AWN-2088 Cloud native is about culture, not containers | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

   Cloud native is about culture, not containers


Methodology & Culture
Methodology & Culture
Beginner & novice level
Room 9 Friday from 11:40 til 12:30

As a developer in IBM's Cloud Garage, I work with customers who are trying to get to cloud so everything becomes better. What's getting in their way isn't the technology - wrapping something in a docker container (usually) isn't that hard. Instead, it's the structures that have been put in place to manage risk and the relationships between teams that trip companies up. In this talk, I'll share some stories of customers struggling to get cloud native, and how we applied our methodology to turn things around. I'll cover the ideal team size, the ideal microservice size, what skills a team needs, the role of architects, how to know if something is ready to ship, and whose fault everything really is.

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Holly Cummins
Holly Cummins
From IBM

Holly Cummins is the worldwide development discipline lead for the IBM Cloud Garage, and a developer in the London Cloud Garage. Holly is also a Java Champion and JavaOne Rock Star. Before joining the Cloud Garage, she was Delivery Lead for the WebSphere Liberty Profile (now Open Liberty). Holly co-authored Manning’s Enterprise OSGi in Action. She is an active speaker and has spoken at JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, JFokus, The ServerSide Java Symposium, JAX London, QCon, GeeCon, and the Great Indian Developer Summit, as well as a number of user groups. Before joining IBM, Holly completed a DPhil in Quantum Computation.

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