Valerie Andrianova | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

I’ve been involved in Product Marketing at JetBrains for 8 years. At JetBrains, we create IDEs for professional developers (IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper), programming languages (Kotlin) and team tools (TeamCity, YouTrack). I specialize in team tools, project management methodologies and team collaboration. I’m part of the YouTrack team (an issue tracker and agile project management tool) which is used by everyone at JetBrains, from developers to accountants. Apart from product marketing, my role is to help the various team at JetBrains to establish the most productive processes in order to reach their goals and improve collaboration.

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Developing Native Product Vision in Teams and Individuals


Have you ever wondered how teams and individuals form a product vision? What soft skills do people with product vision have, and can these skills be nurtured and developed? Does company culture affect the personal qualities and values ​of its employees? Do our mindset and personal qualities affect our level of happiness?

I have analyzed how various teams at JetBrains work and come up with a list of common qualities and values shared by all of our teams. Based on this experience, I will try to prove that the key factor in our products’ success is the mindset of the people who create these products.

I will describe the special qualities that our people, teams, and the company as a whole exemplify, and how these talents can be cultivated and nurtured. I will also touch upon the dark side of such a flexible and informal process and illustrate the concept of a meaningful life as a part of happiness at work.

At my session you will discover:

  • a set of practices that you can apply to your team;
  • a set of personal soft skills that team members need to have product vision; and
  • a recipe for nurturing these skills on the individual, team and company levels.
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