Sebastián Jesús Blanes López | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

16+ years of experience, 7+ as project manager, in a multinational IT company, working in bank, industry and telecommunications sectors.

Currently I’m fully focused on API Management and the API Economy generated around it.

In my spare time I maintain VigasocoSDL , a fork of Vigasoco (A complete disassembly of the original Z80 code for the Amstrad CPC of the classic computer video game "La abadía del crimen) and a rewrite of it in C++ made by Manuel Abadia) using SDL to port and run the game in every system with SDL libs and a modern c++ compiler. Right now, there are versions for PlayStation2, DreamCast, Linux, Mac and Windows :-)

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Solving a complex game with AI and all the Google Cloud power


Do you know the Abbey of Crime game? The abbey is an 8-bit game (for spectrum and CPC) that became the first RPG game in 3D (2.5D) in 1987. The solution of the game is so hard (5**1000) that we don't know any human that passed it without help.

The challenge is design an AI that play and solve the game. We used Reinforcement Learning as the main Deep Learning.

Building a project like this take a lots of big challenges like: lots of resources for training the model (GPUs/TPUs), executing games , storing lots of information, analyzing data, etc.

When you need to afford it, you will need a lot of products/tools no just AI tools like tensorflow/keras. We will show you how Google Cloud is your perfect ally and you will have the right tools to leverage a near impossible problem like this one.

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