Martin Förtsch | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Martin Förtsch is an IT-consultant of TNG Technology Consulting GmbH based in Munich who studied computer sciences. His focus areas are Agile Development (mainly) in Java, Search Engine Technologies, Information Retrieval and Databases. As an Intel Software Innovator and Intel Black Belt Software Developer he is strongly involved in the development of prototypes for e.g. Mixed Reality wearables and other cutting edge technologies. Furthermore, he gives many talks on national and international conferences about Internet of Things, 3D-camera technologies, AI and Test Driven Development as well. He was awarded with the JavaOne Rockstar award and is an author for the technical blog

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Stereoscopic Style Transfer AI - Art is not what you see?


What if Virtual Reality glasses could transform your environment into a three-dimensional work of art in realtime? What if every detail of the world would be shown in the style of a painting from Van Gogh?

One of the many interesting developments in the field of Deep Learning is the so called "Style Transfer". It describes a possibility to create a patchwork (or pastiche) from two images. While one of these images defines the the artistic style of the result picture, the other one is used for extracting the image content. The Hardware Hacking Team from TNG Technology Consulting managed to build an application using OpenCV and Tensorflow to realize such goggles. When you see the world through these glasses, your environment will be displayed in the styles of famous painters like Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso.

Within this talk you will be introduced into the scientific field of Realtime Style Transfer. It will also cover and explain in detail the Deep Learning techniques used for this application.

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