Madou Coulibaly | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Madou Coulibaly
Madou Coulibaly
From Red Hat

Hello, my name is Madou Coulibaly and I am a EMEA Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat since 2016 with a strong focus on Data. With 8+ years experience in Data & information management (BI, DW, Big Data, …), I am now working with customers across EMEA for providing expertise, guidance and knowledge about these Data products. Microservices is a new journey Data has to embark on with the big challenge to “live” in a distributed and complex environment. So to help it, Data brings me into this new adventure.

Data in a Microservices world: from conundrum to options


Microservices are great, problems arise when you start to have two of them and when you want to deal with data :)

Pun aside, data and state is a big subject that is largely ignored when discussing Microservices.

  • Conundrum #1 : What is the aimed data architecture in a perfect Microservices architecture?
  • Conundrum #2 : How do you share state between instances of a given Microservice in a stateless 12 factor approach?
  • Conundrum #3 : how to echange state between Microservices that must remain independent?
  • Conundrum #4 : how do I go from my brownfield database to a fleet of Microservices IRL without a Big Bang? Conundrum #5 : with many Microservices touching many data sets, how do I guarantee uniformed security (GDPR anyone)?

And the list goes on. This presentation is an opinionated answer to these questions. And yes we do demo these concepts.

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