James Birnie | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

I started working in software delivery in the late 1990s when TDD was something you studied but never did and a pipeline was something for carrying oil. In 2005 I joined a startup and started to feel I could really make a difference. After nearly 10 years I moved on to a career in consultancy with ThoughtWorks. After 3 years I still feel like every day is different. I'm constantly meeting great people, learning new things, finding new challenges and helping to solve different problems.

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Agile is a Dirty Word


Any country that has "Democratic" in its official name ISN'T democratic. Any organisation that tells you that it is "doing Agile" ISN'T doing Agile. I noticed the first as I was growing up during the Cold War. The second truth I've discovered in the last few years working as a consultant for ThoughtWorks.

How do you teach Agile to a group of people who think they are already doing Agile? How do you explain to a business that thinks that "Agile doesn't work" that the reason why it isn't working is because IT has to change as well as the technology group? How do you even begin to do this when everybody you meet thinks that they've "tried this all before, it just doesn't work here!"

We've worked under these conditions and we've had success in effecting real change both at ground level and throughout the wider business. In this talk I'll share some techniques that we've successfully used.

What Drives your Development?


Do you practice TDD? What about BDD? What about H (Hypothesis) DD?

Did you know that SDD (Stackoverflow Driven Development) is a thing? What about Fowler Driven Development or Beer Driven Development?

I spent some time working with some colleagues on the A to Z of *DD. The result was a full alphabet of things that at least one of us had experienced during our careers. Some serious, some less so, some good, some undeniably indifferent to bad to plain stupid.

But out of all of this I wondered what should REALLY drive our development? In this lightning trip around the alphabet of absurdity I will tell you the one guiding principal that we should all stick to when deciding what should drive our development.

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