Gaël Blondelle | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Director of the Eclipse Foundation in Europe, Gaël Blondelle has been involved in open source since 2004 with the constant desire to encourage companies to consider open source as the best way to implement open innovation and open collaboration. In the last 15 years, Gaël has been the creator of a startup supporting an open source ESB, business developer of open source code generation and design tools for an SME, manager of a European research project aiming to create a business-friendly open source ecosystem for industrial players, then director at the Eclipse Foundation. Since Java EE migrated to the Eclipse ecosystem under the name of Jakarta EE, Gaël is delighted to be more involve in the enterprise Java ecosystem again!

See also

JakartaEE - The New Home of Cloud Native Java


Jakarta EE is taking over the relay baton from Java EE as a community effort in the Eclipse Foundation with the focus on enabling community-driven collaboration and open innovation for the cloud. The transfer of the Java EE technologies to Eclipse Foundation also opens up for very interesting synergies and collaboration with the Eclipse MicroProfile projects. This session will give you an update on the current state of Jakarta EE and look ahead at how the continued development of the platform will look like.

In this session, you will be able to ask questions to a panel consisting of a number of participants in the Jakarta EE Working Group.

Jakarta EE: The Future of Cloud Native Java is Open!


Together with other Java EE leaders, Oracle announced in 2017 that they will open source Java EE at the Eclipse Foundation under the name of Jakarta EE. With the creation of both Eclipse MicroProfile, Eclipse OpenJ9, and more projects, the Eclipse Foundation has become the place to be for Enterprise Java technologies.

It will really be a landscape change for you whether you're a Java developer or architect, using Java EE full profile or the web profile or even Spring(Boot). All the Java EE technologies and processes become truly open source, including:

  • the reference implementations (Glassfish will be released as Eclipse GlassFish, Jersey as Eclipse Jersey...),
  • the Technology Compatibility Kits (TCK) and Compatibility Test Suites (CTS) will certify compliance of implementations (WildFly, OpenLiberty, TomEE, ...) against future Jakarta EE releases,
  • and the 40+ specifications will now be managed in the open, according to the Eclipse Specification Process.

Come and learn how you can join the community building the future of Cloud Native Java.

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