Erin Coughlan | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Erin is Frontend Engineer working on the Google Analytics Suite where she's built a set of common components shared by 13 teams. Erin's core mission is to help others build stunning apps and meet their business needs by contributing best practices, common infrastructure, and components such as the Angular Material data table.

Upgrading to Angular without ngUpgrade


Many AngularJS apps can install ngUpgrade and begin rewriting components, but it's not so easy when those components make up a library that is used by several teams to power their production apps. Instead of rewriting everything at once, this talk shares how we first created a common interface with custom elements, and then upgraded one component at a time to Angular Elements all while expanding the number of teams we integrate with.

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