Emmanuel Bernard | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Emmanuel Bernard is Chief Architect, Data at Red Hat. He oversees how data and middleware interact and is involved in open source communities like Hibernate, Infinispan, Teiid, Debezium (Change Data Capture) and more. To sum up, everything data :) He is a Java Champion and a Java Community Process expert group member (JPA) and former spec lead (Bean Validation). He co-hosts two podcasts Les Cast Codeurs and JBoss Community Asylum.

You can follow him on twitter at @emmanuelbernard.

See also https://emmanuelbernard.com/blog/

Data in a Microservices world: from conundrum to options


Microservices are great, problems arise when you start to have two of them and when you want to deal with data :)

Pun aside, data and state is a big subject that is largely ignored when discussing Microservices.

  • Conundrum #1 : What is the aimed data architecture in a perfect Microservices architecture?
  • Conundrum #2 : How do you share state between instances of a given Microservice in a stateless 12 factor approach?
  • Conundrum #3 : how to echange state between Microservices that must remain independent?
  • Conundrum #4 : how do I go from my brownfield database to a fleet of Microservices IRL without a Big Bang? Conundrum #5 : with many Microservices touching many data sets, how do I guarantee uniformed security (GDPR anyone)?

And the list goes on. This presentation is an opinionated answer to these questions. And yes we do demo these concepts.

Les Cast Codeurs Podcast: (with|by|for|of) developers


Now if you don't speak French, that's going to be tough. But if you do understand French, come join the French speaking community for the live event of Les Cast Codeurs podcast.

Les Cast Codeurs is a podcast by not so young developers that discuss the state of the Java ecosystem and the development community in general. We give news, we give opinions, we joke, we use 4 spaces for indenting, we use vim, we like strongly coupled monoliths written in weakly statically compiled bash scripts, we like the programming motherfucker manifesto.

Personal productivity lab: optimizing made personal

Hands-on Lab

Your life is a mess, you keep dropping important subjects, you procrastinate like there is no tomorrow and you feel overwhelmed. Not only professionally. Your personal life is even worse. This has happened to us too. But we have found techniques to get back in control. And we would like to share what we have learned. We are not gurus nor productivity experts, but like you information age professionals and hackers. We just hacked our life.

Getting Things Done, Personal Kanban, Inbox Zero, these techniques all share a common foundation. Let’s use this lab to let you experience what these techniques are about, and maybe your first step towards a more zen organized life.

Make sure to download the Android or iOS mobile schedule.