Cédric Champeau | Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Cédric Champeau is a software engineer at Gradle, Inc. , where he is currently focused on implementing next generation dependency management features. He also worked on improving the performance of the build tool. He is committer of Apache Groovy and spent more than 3 years developing full time the language at Pivotal, where he implemented features like the static compiler, traits, Android support, AST transformations or type checking extensions.

Prior to that, he spent several years in the industry as a user, where he used Groovy in multiple industrial contexts including DSLs for natural language processing, scripting or even workflows.

See also https://melix.github.io/blog

Improving Android Build Performance


We all know a fast build makes for a happy developer. Unfortunately, as your project grows larger and more complex, its build will become slower if left unchecked. You’ve updated to the latest Android Plugin, but you’re still waiting more than you like, what can you do? Recent Gradle releases give you new capabilities to greatly improve your build speed. This session discusses how you can :

  • Identify performance bottlenecks with build scans
  • Fix common problems, like slow configuration time, tasks running when they shouldn’t, and builds that don’t parallelize well
  • Benefit from incremental annotation processing

Switching to Gradle: maturity, performance, and pleasure!

Deep Dive

You've heard about Gradle for a long time. Now you're curious, but don't know where to start. It is worth switching?

The objective of this session is to give you a strong introduction to Gradle, demonstrating that it's both a modern and mature build tool.

First and foremost: user interactions: any developer will have interaction with the build tool. We will show how to take advantage of the task based model of Gradle and how to get feedback from your builds as fast as possible.

We will then demonstrate the major advantages of Gradle:

  • Conventions and base plugins
  • Incrementality (tasks, builds)
  • Advanced configuration
  • Dependency management
  • IDE integration

Last but not least, we will show how to setup a distributed cache, which allows to dramatically reduce build durations, both on CI and locally!

After this session, you will have all the prerequisites to understand what Gradle can provide to you, how its model differs from other build tool, how to improve your build times, or simply improve the quality of your software by defining a build and release process with high quality standards.

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