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Devoxx Belgium 2018
from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November 2018.

Alexandros Zotos
Alexandros Zotos
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  • Being agile, creative, positive, team player, with vision and common sense are my basic principles, not only in work but also in life.
  • Architecting and building distributed, reliable, scalable, and maintainable systems is my passion.
  • Did you say Operational Excellence and Best Practices? You had my curiosity but now you have my attention
  • Able to bring value on project startups, project integration/maintenance/scaling/robustness and legacy systems.
  • Able to provide research, since during my academic career I have produced a number of articles which have been published in international journals/conferences
  • Give talks/trainings for Scrum, Chaos Engineering, NoSQL, ThreadConcurrency and lately for Improv at work and life!

Ways of improv-ing work and life [#DifferentKindOfTalk]


Ever wondered how improvisation applies to work and life in general? Are you looking for techniques to increase your team’s creativity? How about more positive-attitude team meetings? How about saying “Yes and” instead of “Yes but”? Have you heard about the importance of plussing, a term introduced by Walt Disney?

Join me to this interactive session. There will be plenty of interaction, games, fun and brainstorming. Duration is ~45 mins. Want to read more before the talk? I totally recommend Creativity, Inc, from Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Disney animations.

Only "yes and" answers accepted!

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